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Aftermarket Car Warranties

Do you have an aftermarket warranty for your car repairs? We work with them all. You bring us your car, we diagnose it, and we handle the entire claim process. 


We are Official Partners with CarShield. If you don't already have a warranty for your car repairs, they are an excellent option. CarShield offers customizable plans and flexible payment terms. They pay for parts, labor & taxes on all covered repairs. To sign up click the banner below or visit us at the shop. Make sure to enter Promo Code 14818! 


Silver Rock

Did you buy a car from Carvana or DriveTime? We are in network with their warranty provider, Silver Rock. We have worked with Silver Rock to provide excellent repair experiences for 2 years. You simply call us, schedule an appointment, and we handle the rest!


Other Warranty Companies

We will work with any aftermarket warranty company! Simply bring us your warranty information, and we will handle the rest!

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